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Timber Frame Walls

Our Exemplar Timber Frame Wall panels are insulated between the studs and closed on the inner face with an airtight membrane, rigid insulation and service battens.

By using a combination of airtight membrane and a wider foil faced rigid insulation we are able to provide higher u-value that is still a cost effective wall solution with optimum performance. The use of the service battens ensure that breaching of the airtight membrane is reduced.

This timber frame wall is designed to provide a u-value that target Passive standard. It is targeted at builders/developers who are building one off houses and wants to ensure that he achieving a high end wall that is both cost effective and exceeds building regs.. It has also incorporated airtightness into the wall system which is designed, detailed and supplied by Harmony Timber Frame.

This wall is specifically targeting builders that are building a high end one off houses and are willing to invest extra at the design stage so that they are selling a higher than standard energy efficient house. These builders/architects are targeting a niche market that are building toward Passive standard but still want value for money whilst not compromising of build quality.


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