Hold Down

Ideal for existing or new construction, HTT Tension ties provide a high strength timber to concrete, or timber to masonry, tension connection.

The long vertical leg makes it possible to add the required number of fasteners (CNA Nails and CSA Screws) in a vertical post and still comply to relevant standards with regards to fastener spacing requirements.

The unique design of the HTT – a multi ply seat formed from a single piece of steel – gives the tension tie extra strength at the concrete / masonry anchorage point

Declarations of Performance: UK-DoP-h07/0001

Technical Approval: ETA: 07/0285

Technical Data Sheet


Pre-galvanised mild steel.


Enables a connection to concrete structure.


Timber Members

When to Use

  • Timber structures which exerted to high uplift forces can be connected to concrete structures with the HTT Hold Down.
  • Tension force connection between timber floor joists and masonry walls