Spandrel Panels

Over the years Spandrel Panels and Timber Party Wall systems have become more and more popular, it’s easy to see why.

Speed is one of the best ways to save money on site and Spandrel Panels can help do just that.

A Spandrel Panel replaces the internal party wall masonry within the roof between units.

Timber Fire Break Party Wall

With the Spandrels being erected at the same time as the roof allowing the entire roof structure to be completed in one operation and avoiding the need for scaffolding through the roof and return visit for the bricklayers to complete the walls.

This can significantly reduce the build programme and represents a significant saving overall.

They are manufactured off site in our ISO 9001 quality assured factory to suit the trussed rafters giving consistency in design, and with the spandrel panels being covered in Fermacell they meet the latest in both sound and fire regulations together with NHBC approval partnered with the TRA it also ensures reliability and quality are to the very highest standard.

Prefab Partition Wall Benefits:

  • Replaces masonry within the roof – reducing bricklaying labour costs
  • Easy to install – can be set straight onto the roof using the pre-installed straps
  • No need for scaffolding – Saving time and money on scaffolding
  • Manufactured off site – Saving on site costs
  • Made to suit supplied trusses – Ensuring the roof all matches with ease
  • All timber is PEFC certified meaning a greener and environmentally friendly build
  • Can be designed to suit even the most complex roof shapes

Harmony Timber Solutions are members of the Trussed Rafter Association, who have supplied the detailed document and video below to help with Spandrel Panels.

TRA ‘How to Build Compliant Spandrel Panels’ document