Timber Frame

Timber frame systems and prefab house kits are evolving rapidly and Harmony Timber Solutions is at the forefront of this evolution

Harmony Timber Solutions is a Leading Manufacturer of off-site construction and engineered Timber Frame Kits, with the capacity not only to exceed the ever increasing regulatory requirements but the potential to deliver value engineered systems Tailor-Made to suit our client requirements. We listen to what our client requires and are not only able and willing to provide this we will Always Exceed our client requirements.

From our office and manufacturing in Canterbury, (South East Kent) UK,  we carefully tailor each Exacting Requirement of the project and see it through from conception to completion to ensure our Client Satisfaction.

Timber Frame Panels

Why Prefab?

  • Energy Efficient
  • Sustainable Building
  • Comfort for Inhabitants
  • Reduced Labour & Time
  • Factory Controlled
  • Improved Site Safety
  • Design Flexibility
  • Construction Times Reduced (by as much as one third)
  • Impact of Inclement Weather is Reduced
  • Programming Easier to Control
  • Lighter Form of Construction (benefit to foundations)
  • Improved Sound Insulation (particularly at separating walls)
  • Higher Thermal Insulation (at an economic price)
  • Greater accuracy
  • Better standard of Finish
  • Dry Form of Construction (no drying out period)
  • Environmentally Superior (energy during and after construction)

Buy with Trust

At Harmony Timber Solutions, we approach the design of our timber frame houses and timber frame buildings with Frame First concepts which incorporate both U-values and Air Tightness in order that we may retain and reduce the requirement of Energy (heating).

We have developed our timber frame system that offers a Range of Structural Systems. The challenge for us was to ensure we delivered on what our customers asked for Without Compromising on our reputation for value. We understand that with all of this there has been a substantial increase in the cost of construction and we have developed our systems to give you the Best cost vs. Performance options available.

Fire Conscious House Kit

All Buildings regardless of the method of construction (eg timber framed houses or Masonry Framed houses) must meet the Minimum Fire Performance criteria as controlled by building regulations.

Research has shown that the method of construction does not contribute to the fire in itself, whether masonry or timber framed. In the case of timber frame, 30 – 60 minute fire resistance is readily achieved.

Harmony Timber Solutions pre-fabricated timber frame panels can achieve an impressive fire resistance of 30 – 120 minutes through the appropriate application of plasterboard.

Your Environmental Home

Harmony Timber Solutions are constantly aware of the raw materials being utilised to produce our products and the Environmental Impact these materials could have.

We are fully accredited by the PEFC which ensures for every 1 Tree harvested for our production, a minimum of 2 are Planted. This system means that instead of having a negative effect on our forests, we actually aid in the expansion of the woodland and relating wildlife.

Airtight Timber House

Harmony Timber Solutions, is now at the Forefront of the building and planning of air tightness in your building process. Codes and standards are in place which aim to Reduce Carbon Emissions and create timber framed houses that are healthier and more sustainable.

Air tightness is the resistance to air unintentionally Leaking in or out of a building through leakage points around its structure.

That means designing and installing a Continuous Seal around the internal fabric of the external envelope to eliminate unwanted draughts. Once the airtight vapour check is in place and sealed with durable and flexible tapes, seals and glues, it ensures that the insulation functions to its Optimum Performance, saving energy and drastically reducing carbon emissions for the lifetime of the building.

An airtight building such as a timber frame house will result in Lower Heating Bills, and have a well-performing ventilation system and fewer draughts.

What is U-VALUE?

A U value is a measure of Heat Loss in a building element such as a wall, floor or roof.

It can also be referred to as an ‘overall heat transfer co-efficient’ and measures how well parts of a building transfer heat. This means that the higher the U value the worse the Thermal Performance of the building envelope.

A Low U value indicates High Levels of insulation.

U value’s are useful for predicting the behaviour of an entire building element rather than relying on the properties of individual materials.

Timber Frame Erection

At Harmony Timber Solutions, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our construction teams.

We provide Timber Frame fitting teams that have a unique quality regarding their attention to detail and pride in their workmanship. We also provide strict quality checks on site and ensure that our timber frame kits are fitted in accordance to our entire standard and bespoke details for each project.

Each of our erectors participates in our training and induction programme before becoming approved to erect our timber systems. All of our erectors conform to our strict health and safety checklist and hold all relevant insurance for site work.