Posi Joists

Combining the lightness of timber with the strength of steel webs, our Posi Joist floor designs give the most versatile open web system available to the modern building designer.

Being manufactured and delivered from our UK manufacturing plant we can ensure High Quality and Fast response times.

With Greater Spans and design flexibility the system can be used in traditional build, timber frame houses and commercial structures, both floor and roof, Without Compromise.

The open metal web joist system allows for Ease of Access to, and installation of, plumbing and wiring, without the need to drill through joists. Fulfilling the need for MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery) systems.

Timber Floor Joists

With increased strength and available in different Depths & Widths

Offering our open web joists at a Vast Range of depths and widths gives us further options when designing the floor structure and allows us to offer the most economic, lightweight and low timber usage solution; Made to Measure to reduce site wastage.

Our Posi Joist System effectively replaces and improves the traditional Floor Beam Systems.

Why use a Posi Joists floor kit for your project?

  • Fully Prefabricated and Manufactured
  • Reduce on Site Labour costs
  • Design Freedom when Planning for Services
  • Optional Adjustable End Blocks (for site trimming)
  • Strong but Lightweight (easier on site handling)
  • Fully Engineered (no costly engineers calculations)
  • Can be Used for Roof and Floor Designs
  • Improved design compared to traditional Floor Beams

Buy with Trust

Posi Joists can be used on a wide range of building types including timber framed houses, traditional masonry and also steel frame construction.

Using the very latest in three dimensional floor design our designers are among the few who can design to the new EC5 regulations to give you the best most efficient floor design possible. We can sit down with architect/client at the design stage to ensure a workable solution can be achieved.

We provide clear and accurate drawings together with technical guides with every order.

Specialist Floor Design

All our Posi joists are made to measure, Reducing Site Wastage and alterations. The open web system allows services to continue through almost Any Location within the floor zone.

Open metal web joists (Posi joists) are fully engineered and Full Calculations are included in all of our designs upon request so there is No Costly Engineers calculations or input.

Our Posi joists can be manufactured in the UK up to 12 Metres in length, this gives the ability to span greater distances they may even eliminate the need for intermediate load bearing walls, this dramatically Cuts Overall Building Costs.

Trusted Supplier

We carry Full Professional Indemnity insurance up to £3m.

Our UK design team are also On Hand every step of your build from simple phone call or emails to site visits to surrounding areas of Kent.

Deliveries are made to suit customer’s needs resulting in a reduction of Site Storage requirements. All products are also Labelled and Plot Bundled to assist you to manage your installation on site.

We provide clear and Accurate Drawings together with technical guides with every order.

Your Environmental Home

Harmony Timber Solutions are constantly aware of the raw materials being utilised to produce our products and the Environmental Impact these materials could have.

We are fully accredited by the PEFC which ensures for every 1 Tree harvested for our production, a minimum of 2 Planted. This system means that instead of having a negative effect on our forests, we actually aid in the expansion of the woodland and relating wildlife.