Environmental Awareness


Harmony Timber Solutions are constantly aware of the raw materials being utilised to produce our products and the environmental impact these materials could have.

We are fully accredited by the PEFC which ensures that for every 1 tree harvested for our production, a minimum of 2 are planted. This system means that instead of having a negative effect on our forests, we actually aid in the expansion of the woodland and relating wildlife.

Through their system the PEFC help maintain and enhance biodiversity, protect ecologically important areas and prohibit the use of hazardous chemicals & GMO’s.



Our passion for the growth and expansion of our forests (as opposed to reduction) is a passion shared by one of our timber suppliers, Södra.

Södra is Sweden’s largest forest-owner association, with 52,000 forest owners as its members. For every tree Södra harvest, they plant three new ones.

We are so impressed with Södra’s outlook on the environment, their service and how they operate that we send our staff (from designers to factory staff and managers) directly to the source, in Sweden, in order for them to experience the process and the company first hand.

We like to think that from sending our staff to see for themselves, we plant a seed of inspiration in their brain which can develop into a fully sustainable and environmentally aware mindset.

“Forests are important for people, and always have been. If we want to continue to benefit from our forests and everything they have to offer, we have to use them sustainably and apply a long-term approach. Consideration for their natural, social and cultural values is crucial.”