Party Wall Tie

The PWT200 is the first connector specifically designed and engineered to connect the party walls of timber framed buildings.

It’s manufactured using minimum material section for optimum sound performance.

This allows the tie to meet the requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations (Resistance to the Passage of Sound), whilst incorporating a unique stiffening rib for maximum structural capacity. The Party Wall Tie has cavity widths of 50, 62 and 75mm stamped on the upper surface to help check for a consistent cavity width up through the building.

  • Meets the requirements of Part E of The Building Regulations (Resistance to the Passage of Sound).
  • Suits timber frame party wall cavities from 50 to 75mm.
  • Can be used on closed panel construction – where 50mm stiffening rib helps to check that minimum 50mm cavity width has been achieved.
  • Minimum material section for optimum sound performance.


Declarations of Performance: UK-DoP-h10/0001

Technical Data Sheet


Pre-galvanised mild steel.

  • Quick and easy installation using only 8 No. 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails: 4 per side.
  • Nails holes positioned to ensure minimum nail edge distances are always achieved.
  • In order to minimise the risk of sound transfer, it is recommended that the PWT200 is installed at 1200mm centres, unless otherwise specified by the building designer or engineer.
  • The PWT200 is to be installed at, or near ceiling level.
  • Use FPHSD34S1016 screws if installing into steel frame (light gauge steel) structure.