Safety Fast Hanger For I-Joist

The SFHI Safety Fast Hangers is designed to support timber I-joists, beams and trussed rafters from masonry walls without the need for masonry above the top flange.

Declarations of Performance: UK-DoP-h07/0004

Technical Data Sheet


Pre-galvanised mild steel.

  • Requires no masonry above the top flange to  achieve the published performance values.
  • Improved vertical and lateral load distribution.
  • Mini Strap simply hooks onto the hanger.
  • Enables the construction of the floor deck prior to the next lift of masonry.
  • Reduces Health & Safety risks associated with the use of the traditional masonry hangers with no  masonry above.
  • Eliminates the need for propping of floor joists.
  • Mini Strap provides lateral restraint capacity in accordance with NHBC guidelines.
  • Allows for retrofit of lateral restraint straps.
Suitable For

I-Joist to masonry connections.