Adjustable Truss Hanger

he THA is a one-piece joist hanger supporting trussed rafters and composite
timbers from timber members.

The THA can be installed with a number of fixing options, for greater load
capacity. See table below for fixing options.

Available in seat widths from 38mm to 100mm.

  • Location tab allows easier alignment to the carrying member.
  • Choice of installation specifications to suit wrap-over or face fix.
  • Speed prongs enables positioning of the hanger without nails before completing the install.
  • Nailing schedules are stamped into the strap to provide the correct information to site operatives.
  • The distinctive wide strap enhances the performance of the critical part of the connection by increasing the nail spacing and providing greater bearing area on the supporting girder.


Declarations of Performance: UK-DoP-e06/0270

Technical Approvals: ETA-06/0270

Technical Data Sheet


Pre-galvanised mild steel.

Suitable On

  • Solid sawn timber
  • Engineered timber

When to Use

  • Trusses
  • Joists